Supporting us

Please check out below for the many ways you may support Dar il-Kaptan in it's continuing mission.

Voluntary Work

Dar il-Kaptan welcomes volunteers whom we believe can contribute in so many ways especially by helping out in the day to day running of the home (such as maintenance work, helping in the kitchen and garden), helping in our fundraising activities or by offering their professional skills.

Those who would like to offer a helping hand can call us on 21450103/4 or contact us.

Celebrate your Special Occasions

Giving is Special …Think of Dar il-Kaptan

Share the moment of Special Occasions by thinking of Dar il-Kaptan instead of giving celebration favours.

Make it a Birthday, Wedding, Christmas, Easter etc... to remember by making a monetary donation to the Foundation for Respite Care Services. We will arrange for a certificate, receipt or thank you letter as preferred by the individual or group of people making the donation.

Please click here to see an example of what a certificate could look like.

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Friends of Dar il-Kaptan

Dar il-Kaptan has now been operating for over 25 years. We take great pride in having provided respite care services to persons with disability and their families over all these years, a concept that in the early days was quite revolutionary and unique in our islands.

Over all these years Dar il-Kaptan has undoubtedly been a blessing to the families of these persons with disability and continues to be so to this day. We have rejoiced in our past successes yet present day realities mean that the services we provide come at a high cost.

We are inviting you to join this new scheme we have launched, called FRIENDS OF DAR IL-KAPTAN. It is by spreading the burden among the many that we can continue to give our services to the persons with disability and their families.

All we are asking is for you to enroll in the scheme and agree to pay a minimum donation of €15 yearly by means of cheque, payable to The Foundation for Respite Care Services, sent to ‘Dar il-Kaptan’, Rotary Drive, Dar il-Kaptan Road, Mtarfa MTF 1155 or by depositing in BOV Bank account No. 40021491920 or HSBC bank account No. 058 125 972 050. But don’t stop there. We wish you to encourage everyone you know – members of your family, friends, neighbors’ and colleagues – to subscribe to the scheme. By helping Dar il-Kaptan you would be supporting your children, yourselves, and those people with disability and their families who may need the services of Dar il-Kaptan in the future.

We are sure that, just as in the past, you will be forthcoming in providing your assistance to this noble cause. We thank you in advance for your help.

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Collection Tins

Dar il-Kaptan has a number of collection tins which can be placed on shop counters for money collecting.

For more information or to become part of this activity, shop owners or other entities can call us on 21450103/4 or contact us.


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