MEP Marlene Mizzi on behalf a number of ex-Sea Malta seaborne employees gave a very generous donation to Dar il-Kaptan. The donation was presented by the former Chairman of Sea Malta.

“Although we waited for such a long time for justice to be done and receive what was ours by right, we wanted to share the successful ending to this long story with persons less fortunate then us. We also wanted to thank Mrs Mizzi, our former Chairman, for assisting and standing by us all through these years, by asking her to donate the amount collected to a charity of her choice,” a spokesperson for the ex-Sea Malta seaborne personal said.

 Mr Joseph Gerada, Administrator of Dar il-Kaptan said that “on behalf of all our clients I would like to thank those ex-Sea Malta seaborne employees for their generous donation. Your commitment in helping our cause is sincerely appreciated.Each year our Foundation continues to advance its mission to enable families to continue to care for their disabled family member within the family and in the community thus avoiding institutionalisation.This is done by providing disabled persons day and residential respite breaks in a healthy and self fulfilling environment. Such breaks will give the primary carer the necessary respite to continue with his/her support to their disabled family member, thus reducing stress and possible family crises. Through our programs we have seen many lives changed for the better. With the help of donations from supporters such as you we will continue to see improvements”.

Marlene Mizzi, who is currently a MEP, served as the Chairman of the shipping company for nine years, resigning voluntarily after disagreeing with the then Minister Austin Gatt on how the privatization of the company was being handled, said: “I am honored to have kept contact, assisted as much as I could, and stood by these persons for whom justice was denied for so long.I am also impressedat the generosity of these people to havea donated a handsome sum from theirlegitimate earnings. I also greatly appreciate the gesture that they wished to thank me for assisting them, by requestingme toappoint an organization of my choice to benefit from their generous donation. These persons were treated very shabbily when SeaMalta was voluntarily destroyed, and waited for more than ten years for what was theirs by right. Yet they wanted to share their salaries with others when these were finally received. That’s remarkably generosity and I am so proud of them,” said MEP Mizzi.

 he group were shown around Dar il-Kaptan and given an explanation on the many services and facilities given to the guests.